Direct Cremation

Everyone’s wishes are unique, and at West Berkshire Funeral Directors, we take pride in giving everyone the send-off they deserve.

A direct cremation is an understated way of saying goodbye, with no funeral service or guests in attendance. Instead, the deceased will have their cremation privately with loved ones given their ashes in an urn at a later date.

Also referred to as all-inclusive cremation, people may choose this option for a variety of reasons. This includes not wanting the stress of organising their own funeral, or burdening their loved ones with the task. People might also prefer to have a celebration of life ceremony or memorial service rather than a conventional cremation or funeral, or they may simply not want the fuss.

Whatever you or your loved one’s circumstances, the team at West Berkshire Funeral Directors is here to guide you through the process, answering any questions you may have and ensuring all your needs are met.

To arrange a direct cremation or to find out more about our range of funeral services, get in touch with West Berkshire Funeral Directors today.