West Berkshire Funeral Directors

Independent funeral directors and monumental masons we a pleased to be able
to arrange and supply a wide range of memorials and various memorabilia.
We can arrange for a fitting memorial to be made in any suitable natural stone.
From a memorial shown in a brochure or design a unique bespoke memorial
were here to guide you help you.
There are rules and regulations which have to be adhered to;
again, we will set you on the right path before you get your heart set on a
style or stone that is not acceptable in the burial ground…

"What is going to happen to the cremated remains"?
When discussing wishes and wants, this is one area that is frequently overlooked. Apart from the more obvious choice of Burial or Scattering, we can offer much more. Whilst these may not be to everyone's liking, we believe in complete freedom of choice for our clients and will assist them in every aspect. With this in mind, we can offer such choices as having a small portion of the cremated remains, or even a lock of hair, turned into a Genuine Diamond; placed in a tasteful item of Keepsake Jewellery or Crystal Heart both available in high quality silver or gold.

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